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If you are committed to raising your 0-2 year old baby for success, confidence and happiness, read on...

What if you could uncover your child’s natural sports ability and raise the next Tendulkar or Federer?

​Discover your baby’s inner Mozart or Beyonce? Raise a Baby Einstein, or the next Picasso?

​And what if you could uncover your baby’s hidden talents in as little as 5 minutes a day, with no pressure of expectations, and using zero screen-time?

​That's what we help you with, and a lot more... Yes, it gets better, so keep reading...


You want to give your child the best advantage... but u think that babies should just be left alone, right?

Wrong! Babies LOVE to learn and crave for the opportunities to do so! They not only have the natural ability to learn quickly, they want to learn, develop, and explore their abilities to become like adults around them.
And this is why our babies love our programs so much!

But.. it’s hard to know where to start, and what to do to to nurture your baby's hidden potential and talents, right?

Until now. Because we just made it super easy and convenient for parents everywhere!


The Prodigy Challenge For 0-2 Year Olds

An easy to follow, step-by-step program with all tools, guidance, support, and materials you need to stimulate your baby’s brain in just 5 minutes every day!

Learn the best activities for stimulating your baby’s brain for all-round development, without wasting any time doing your own research! Allow us to do the work for you! Get the very best activities from our proprietary Prodigy Framework™ which means you have that much more time to spend on yourself or with your partner!

​No screentime is awesome, but you don’t want to be struggling with downloadable printables either. We will send you beautiful physical materials (that your baby is guaranteed to love!) shipped to your address so you never have to worry about costs, quality, and the hassle of finding your own!

​Every baby and every household is different so we know you will have questions! But we’ve got your back! We will give you unlimited access to our experts which means that you are never kept guessing on whether you’re on the right track!

​Parenting is a joyful journey, but it can also be hard! We will connect you with parents, just as motivated as you, who are on the same journey as you so that you never feel alone or lost! Share your struggles and joys, make new friends, and learn from each other’s experiences!

​Many, many more hidden benefits and bonuses! When you join us, you join a family, and not just a program.


Here Are 3 Reasons To Start Helping Your Baby

Harvard University Said:

"A child’s experiences during the earliest years of life have a lasting impact on the architecture of the developing brain. What they experience during those first 2-3 years will shape the process that determines whether a child’s brain will form weak or strong foundations for all future learning, behavior and health."

Parenting Studies Show:

9 out of 10 people, even after discovering the amazing benefits of early learning and development in babies, never end up taking any action until it’s already too late because their babies grow older. The time that has gone by never comes back and these parents often wish that they had taken action while they had the chance!

Bill Gates Said:

"Much of what you do in life is determined by what happens in the first 3-4 years. In fact, the first 5 years of your life has so much to do with how the next 80 turn out!" You see, babies have an innate survival instinct to learn, to grow, and to develop skills like adults. They love to learn, so why not start early?


The Prodigy Challenge For 0-2 Year Olds

An easy to follow, step-by-step program with all tools, guidance, support, and materials you need to stimulate your baby’s brain, and unleash latent potential in just 5 minutes every day!

Start Prodigy Challenge Now


Why Do The First Few Years Make Such A Big Difference To Your Baby’s Future Intelligence & Success?

A baby's brain makes more than ONE MILLION neural connections EVERY SECOND! Just imagine it: In the time it took you to read down to this sentence, your baby's brain grew another… FORTY to FIFTY MILLION new connections!
This hyper-growth continues for the first two years of your baby’s life.
However… After that, your baby’s brain begins eliminating any unused synapses by a process called “synaptic pruning”.
This is literally like your baby’s brain, cutting off abilities and talents that they were born with… only because they didn’t get the opportunity to explore their hidden potential. It's thus critical to take advantage of this small window of opportunity, because sleeping inside those neural connections is…

👩🏼  Genius beyond Einstein, Newton, Hawking…
👩🏼  Talent beyond Messi, Federer, Pink, Adele, and…
👩🏼  Creativity beyond Picasso, da Vinci, and van Gogh.

In other words, all the genius your baby needs — or will ever need in life — is contained inside those neural connections that are solidifying inside their brains in their early years.

All you need is a simple framework and guidance... and that's where we fit in!


Here's The Full List Of Everything You Get When
You Join The Prodigy Challenge:

I. Daily Challenge Activities For All Round Development Of Your Baby - On Our Mobile App & On The Web

No need to plan, research, or prepare! Start each day of the challenge with a short video with clear, concise instructions for a new fun activity to do with your baby! Just watch, and do! No screentime for your baby, and no special props needed. Spend more time doing, and less time figuring out how!

The activities are pulled from different parts of our Prodigy Framework™, and include:

- The #1 activity for Memory Building (“Boosters”)
- The #1 activity for Creative Stimulation (“Stimulus Explosion”)
- The #1 activity for language development (“Talk, To Listen”)
- Top activities in Athleticism & Mobility (early crawling, early walking, & dexterity skills)
- Many more activities in Logic, Music, Personality Development, etc. etc.

II. Prodigy Challenge Booster Pack (Physically Shipped To You!)

We will send you 50 proprietary Booster Cards™ for you to use with your baby. Not only that, we will also tell you how to exactly use the cards on a daily basis to build your baby’s focus, concentration, and, (most importantly), their memory abilities.

These cards are beautiful, high definition, top quality cards that are slightly bigger than an A4 size. Your baby is guaranteed to love them, and we often get videos from our parents showing their babies squealing with delight when they do their Booster Sessions!

These cards are beautiful, high definition, top quality cards that are slightly bigger than an A4 size. Your baby is guaranteed to love them, and we often get videos from our parents showing their babies squealing with delight when they do their Booster Sessions!

III. 50+ Downloadable Activity Guides, Audio Stimulators in JPEGs, PDFs, MP3s

We will provide you all the resources that you need, including all the audio stimulator files, activity guides, etc. that you can download and keep for your future reference! No need to make notes, and hunt the internet for what to do! This program is completely done-for-you!

IV. Unlimited Support From Our Parent Coaches

You need help; we are there! We provide you unlimited access to our Parent Coaches and the expert team of Raising Superstars. These coaches are not just experts, they have all done the programs themselves with their own babies, and are passionate about helping parents just like you! Simply post your question to your coaches, and they will respond with detailed answers within a few hours!

V. Lifetime Access To Private Community

Unlike other online communities, our private community is vibrant, active and supportive! Access it anywhere - on your mobile app or on the laptop. Be an active participant, or simply read the numerous photos, videos, and comments that your fellow parents post on a daily basis to find validation and encouragement. The community is a virtual mastermind of parenting!

Share your experiences, your struggles, and seek suggestions. Parents have found their long term friends and their support group in our community, and you can do it too!

Plus 2 Exclusive Bonuses for Free

VI. 2 Auditory Magic Companion Books (Physically Shipped To You!)

For a limited time, we are giving away 2 of our beautiful auditory magic companion books as a free bonus! These books are absolutely beautiful, engaging books that your baby will love! We will also tell you how to use these books in our “Auditory Magic” activity inside the Prodigy Challenge.

VII. Shraddha Himatsingka’s Exclusive Tips & Tricks

Exclusive tips and tricks for each activity from our co-founder, Shraddha (Raghav’s wife). Shraddha is not only the co-creator of the Prodigy Framework™, she also brings a motherly perspective from having done the program with her own son and having personally helped 100s of parents on one-on-one consulting.

This is the only program where Shraddha shars her knowledge and experience, and the reason for doing so is because she really wants every parent to experience the joy of early learning with their child. Each of her nuanced tips is a gold nugget in itself - priceless in value!

Prodigy Challenge For
0-2 Year Olds

An easy to follow, step-by-step program with all tools, guidance, support, and materials you need to stimulate your baby’s brain, and unleash latent potential in just 5 minutes every day!

Here's What You Get:

Daily Challenge Activities for 21 Days with 2 months access - on our Mobile App & on the Web - We will teach you how to easily continue these activities even after the program is over!

​Prodigy Challenge Booster Pack - 50 Booster Cards™ shipped to your home

​50+ Downloadable Activity Guides, Audio Stimulators in JPEGs, PDFs, MP3s

​Unlimited Support From Our Parent Coaches

​Lifetime Access To Private Community

[​BONUS 1]: 2 Auditory Magic Companion Books - shipped to your home

​[BONUS 2]:  Shraddha Himatsingka’s Exclusive Tips & Tricks

Total Value: INR 25,000+

Today Pay: Only 9000 INR 7997


The Program Simply Works...
...Average Activity Ratings of 97%

"I'm sold!"

"I have to say I was sceptical but in 1 month I'm sold! My baby is pointing to 25+ different objects & also knows all the colours which my older baby took 2 years to learn."


"I'm so amazed!"

"Jay named 35 fruits today!! I'm so amazed at his memory! He also knows all the planets, continents, and oceans. [His friends are] still learning body parts. Thanks guys."


"This is truly amazing!"

"I wish I had found you when my first kid was born. Raghav explains each concept in so clearly. Hats off to you and your team. This is truly amazing. Thank you so much."


See What Other Parents Are Saying...

Got Questions?

We've Got Answers!

An easy to follow, step-by-step program with all tools, guidance, support, and materials you need to stimulate your baby’s brainOur mission at Raising Superstars is to help parents all over the world raise superstar kids by providing the best trainings, tools and foundations to maximize their baby’s hidden potential.

We believe that every baby is a born genius with unlimited potential - more potential than Picasso, Messi, Einstein - but if the potential is not nurtured, they are pruned away by the brain, hence why you need to start early.

- Raghav & Shraddha Himatsingka

What age is this suitable for?

Suitable for all babies less than 24 months of age. If your baby is older, it's your call! Benefits are up to 3 years, but we want to allow parents the maximum time to enjoy the program.

Will activities be age appropriate?

Yes, absolutely! The activities will all be age appropriate for all babies 3 months and older.

Will I be putting pressure on my child by starting them on a learning journey so early?

No! Babies love to learn! They crave to learn. Moreover, you can't force a baby to do anything that they don't want to do. The program only works because our babies love the activities that we give, In fact, we also don't have any testing or benchmarking so that babies have no pressure to perform and conform to any expectations. We help each baby become the best version of their own talents!

What is the time commitment required?

About 5 minutes every day! You can always do more if you wish, but it's not required.

How long will I have access to all the content?

You will have access for about 2 months. This gives you sufficient time to do the program even if you miss out on a couple of days. The reason we don't give lifetime access is because then parents get lazy, and babies grow up if they wait too long! We are committed to helping every baby reap benefits, and not just to maximize our sales. However, even after the access period, you will still have full access to your community, you will have all the downloads, activity guides, and the physical materials. The only thing that expires is the access to the activity videos.

What if I need help? How will I get my questions answered?

We have a dedicated customer support team. You can simply drop us a mail with your query and we respond within 24 hours or less. You can also WhatsApp us your query for an even faster response. We will provide you the support email address and WhatsApp number as soon as you sign up.


Origins Of The Prodigy Baby Programs..

The Prodigy Challenge was created by Raghav & Shraddha Himatsingka, and their company, Raising Superstars.
Raghav is a Stanford University graduate, tech entrepreneur and father of a beautiful boy named Prabal. Soon after he became a father, he found there’s a lack of an easy-to-use parenting system to raise a well-rounded, happy baby who would never have to face the struggles of learning in life that he had to endure in his life.
He then devoted 2000+ hours of his time to discover the secrets of accelerated learning for his son by studying various research in 75+ books, videos and films. He then assembled a team of expert educators, doctors and professionals, to put together a program that would work for every baby in the world!


Our Programs Are Created, Conceptualized, & Vetted, By A Diverse, Global Team Of Experts

Our programs are created, conceptualized, and vetted, by a diverse, global team of early childhood educators, doctors, and professors at Ivy League universities, and are based on the latest in brain research, and learning.

The Prodigy Programs have now been put to test with more than 50,000+ babies across 40+ countries, and it just flat out works!