November 9, 2023

10 Parenting Tips Every New Mom Needs

10 Parenting Tips Every New Mom Needs

Being a mom is another level of happiness, isn’t it? And with that comes the anticipation and excitement of becoming a parent. But alongside, it is also very common to experience fear and anxiety that can be quite overwhelming. Most moms, especially first timers, are unsure of being prepared to take care of their precious newborns. 

What if I don’t know that the little one is hungry?

What if I do something wrong and hurt him?

How do I do if he’s sick?   

Why is he pooping so much?

Is he getting enough ‘feed’?

These questions are very obvious to come to your mind, especially when it is the first experience for you. But don’t worry! The first few weeks should actually be the best time of your life with your baby, instead of fretting over things. And yes, this beautiful phase can be the most memorable one for new moms with newborns by following these ten tips.

10 Tips for New Moms Include:

1. Pay Attention to Personal Hygiene

A newborn is very delicate and sensitive. He’s safely wrapped in your womb for nine full months. It will take him some time to build resistance to the infections and impurities in the surroundings. 

While you can’t do much about the infections that may be in the air, you can ensure that you do not carry any to him. How can you do that? It’s simple, just put personal hygiene on top of your priority list. Here are some simple tips for a new mom to keep baby and yourself healthy and safe:

  • Wash your hands with soap before you handle the newborn and make sure that others do too. 
  • Ensure clean hands before you touch baby’s stuff (cradle, clothes, pacifier etc.).
  • Do not carry baby while wearing soiled clothes – you don’t know what might get on to baby’s skin and cause an allergy.
  • Avoid going to and carrying baby when you walk in from work or from outside – clean up before you head to him.
  • Keep your nails clean and trimmed, so you don’t accidentally scratch baby’s tender skin. Long nails also allow dirt to accumulate under them.

2. Choose Baby Skin Products with Care

Don’t go with what’s popular or trendy when it comes to choosing baby products. It is not necessary that what works for other babies suits yours too. Always try a product over a tiny part of the baby’s skin before using it all over him. Three golden rules to buy baby skin products:

  • Always buy unscented products, especially avoid artificial fragrances.
  • Check for harsh ingredients that can affect baby’s tender skin.
  • Avoid products with unfamiliar or unknown additives.

Your doctor may be able to recommend hypoallergenic products to you that are safe for baby’s skin. 

3. Basic Baby Hygiene

These may be the most sought after tips for new moms with newborns because a surprising number of mothers worry about handling baby’s soft skin with care. To begin with, know that it is advised to avoid the usage of soaps and shampoos. 

You need to wash/ sanitize your hands frequently since you touch several surfaces within the house. You also go out and expose your hands to other impurities. Baby doesn’t need it. 

Use soap only at baby’s bathing time and, if you need it, at diaper changing time. Always rinse any residue off thoroughly so that his skin does not retain any trace of it. Plenty of warm water is the key. 

Wash baby’s clothes separately with mild detergent. Soaking them in warm water first helps you get rid of stains without using strong cleaners.

Baby may be pooping roughly around ten times a day. Yes, that seems like a lot, but it’s perfectly normal for newborns. This will change as his feeding schedule changes over the months. But for now, ensure that you keep a check regularly and clean and change him immediately. Ignoring it exposes him to infections and rashes. 

When you clean the little one up, avoid rubbing briskly. Use gentle motions with a soft baby wipe. If necessary, use a diaper cream before you pull out a fresh diaper on him. 

4. Baby Clothes – Comfy, Not Snazzy:

Yes, you want your baby to be the most gorgeous infant in the world. And yes, those tiny baby clothes are irresistible. But they might not always be the most comfortable. Again, baby’s skin is so tender and soft that even a stiff bit of lace can cause irritation. 

Avoid the temptation to pick up the cutest and frilliest outfits for baby and choose the most practical, comfortable and easy to put on and off ones. Here are some tips for new moms to buy infant clothes:

  • Avoid very tight clothes that may restrict the baby’s movement 
  • Choose a soft material that drapes gently over the baby’s body
  • Zippers, fastenings with sharp ends are a big ‘NO’
  • No sharp or stiff lace, piping, edge, decoration
  • Breathable garments that are easy to clean thoroughly are best
  • Pick materials that will not shrink when soaked in warm water
  • Light shades are good because they show up stains easily

5. Prioritize Spending Quality Time Bonding with Baby

Moving on to parenting tips for new moms with a newborn, the first is to make the most of your time with your new family member. Cuddle him, hug him, pat him and sing to him to your heart’s content. Baby feels secure within your arms and your warmth calms him. He also slowly learns to recognize you, and this is speeded up when you spend time with him.  

The first few weeks after baby comes home can be confusing and overwhelming for both of you. It is up to you to remind yourself of the beauty of this phase that you can never recapture. Enjoy your motherhood and simply shower your love on the baby at every opportunity you get. You CANNOT spoil a newborn with so much love!

6. Learn to Identify over Stimulation

Baby has peacefully spent nine quiet months inside your womb. He is suddenly exposed now to varied light, sound and sensation. Imagine how startling that can be for an infant who has no clue about the world he’s been brought into. When the experiences, noises, light and touch get overwhelming, the baby cannot handle it.

How to tell if he is overstimulated? 

  • He is cranky and/ or crying incessantly
  • He turns away from you
  • He clenches fists tight and waves arms and legs about jerkily
  • He gets more cranky when surrounded by people

What can you do about it? He needs a calm, quiet and soothing environment to regain his footing. Take him away to familiar surroundings, keep the room cool, quiet and dark and gently soothe him. Singing may help, or simply patting him or just slowly walking around. The rhythmic movement soothes the baby, and the quiet environment calms his frazzled nerves. 

7. Rest When Your Baby Sleeps

Some of the most welcome tips for new moms are about how to get the much-needed rest. Babies’ sleep schedule can be erratic in the first few weeks. Night feeds interrupt your sleep at night too. 

The best way for you to get rest is to take quick naps whenever baby is sleeping. Planning to clear up the room, do the laundry or cook when the baby has a nap? All of that can wait. First, recharge your batteries with a good nap, after which you can catch up. Or leave the rest to someone else and focus on resting, so you are energized by the time baby wakes up and needs you. 

8. Rely on Your Partner, Family and Buddies for Help: 

Bringing up a baby is a ‘team sport’. Don’t try to do it all on your own. Involve your partner, family and buddies wherever you can. This gives him a chance to bond with baby too. 

For example, one can change diapers, sing lullabies to put baby to sleep, soothe him when he is crying, or take him for a little jaunt in the balcony or garden. 

Try to distribute the responsibilities, especially to get things done outside. Grocery shopping, stocking up on diapers and supplies, getting home cooked lunch boxes – these are some ways your family and friends can help.  

9. Let the Baby Set his Pace:

Many women stress over the fact that their baby isn’t doing what others are doing at the same stage. Always remember that each baby is unique. Your regular paediatrician visits take care of evaluating how well baby is developing and whether the pace is normal. If you have any doubts, ask your paediatrician. 

Don’t rely on neighbors, friends or relatives when they exclaim over how your little one is ‘behind schedule’. Allow baby to grow at his pace and enjoy the ride. 

Some babies may talk sooner than others. Others may walk sooner. Still others are potty-trained at an early age. All of these don’t matter. What matters is if your little one is growing healthy and strong at a pace your doctor deems appropriate. You can also enrol your baby in a program that can nurture their brains in the first two years itself.

10. Forgive Yourself for Bloopers

Even the most comprehensive tips for new moms with newborns cannot prepare you for everything, and there will be times when you goof up. That’s perfectly normal, too. Babies don’t come with instruction manuals, so new moms often learn by messing up. 

It’s okay to make mistakes and figure out how to do things better. All you must be careful about is there is no compromise on baby’s health and safety. Armed with these tips for new moms, get ready to enjoy the amazing phase of motherhood. Leave the worries behind and prepare yourself to experience the joy of watching your little one grow into an amazing human being. 

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