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The Secret Playtime Method to Awaken the Unconscious Genius of Your 0-6 Year Old

No Testing | No Pressure | No Screentime | Lots of Joy

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Would you like the best headstart for your child but are struggling to keep up?

Your baby has high screentime & low bonding time with you?

Parents today are too busy, and when not, they run out of ideas to meaningfully engage with their child.

Concerned about delayed speech & timely milestones?

An overwhelming number of babies are missing their milestones, and especially facing speech delays.

Want to give your child the best and don't want them getting left behind?

You want to give the best start to your child for a life of happiness & success, but are not sure how?

We get 20 years to develop our height, but only a few years as a child to develop the full potential of our brain.

Bill Gates

"The first five years has so much to do with how the next 80 turn out."

Albert Einstein

"Play is the highest form of research."


"The habits we form from childhood make all the difference."

Ruiko Henmi

"Development of potential abilities means activating genes that are asleep."

Glenn Doman

"Every newborn child has a greater potential intelligence than even Leonardo da Vinci."

Maria Montessori

"The goal of early childhood education is to activate the child's natural desire to learn."

Our unique Prodigy Framework™ for Accelerated Learning & Right Brain Stimulation can lead to a lifetime of happiness & talent in just 5 daily mins

Photographic Memory

so that your child will always ace exams effortlessly, make sound decisions, and have countless opportunities for college & career

Incredible Sports Prowess

so that your child has the strength, stamina, speed & skills to excel at any sport they pursue

Genius Mental Math Skills

so that your child will passionately love math & sciences, and be amazingly good at them

Encyclopaedic Knowledge

so that your child is a leader in every peer group & can hold his own on any conversation, whether history, sciences, arts, geography, etc.

Speed Reading

so that your child can read full phrases at a time, instead of one letter at a time, and can finish books 3x-5x faster than average saving them time and amassin their knowledge

Creativity & Drama

so that your child can be a star performer at every school annual day function

Early Oratory (Speaking) Skills

so that your child can charm any group with their words and convincingly put forth their thought and ideas to their peers

Foundations of Logical Thinking

so that your child learns to think and reason rationally as well as decisively

Magnetic Personality

so that your child develops the Success Trait, Leadership Trait, Happiness Trait, Appreciative Abundance Trait, and other traits for a happy, confident life

Pitch Perfect Music

so that your child can immerse in the joys of music and also entertain others with their musical skills, should they choose to pursue this further as they grow up

The Prodigy Sense of Intuition

so that they have unparalleled advantage of a heightened intuition in any decision making

Lifelong Love For Learning

so that your child will lead with superior IQ, EQ, Knowledge, Athleticism, Creativity, Music, Memory, Reading, & Math for life

Note: Results vastly vary with every child and should thus not be misconstrued as promises or guarantees. Our goal is to give kids variety of opportunities without expectations of outcomes, so that every child can freely enjoy their childhood without any stress or pressure.

Choose Program

Programs for Babies & Toddlers

Choose for your 0-2 year old baby or toddler.

Intermediate: Prodigy Challenge™

Best for parents who want to give our Prodigy Framework™ a try with a few quick results.

Advanced: Prodigy Baby System™ Bundle

Best for parents who want the quickest benefits across all parts of our Prodigy Framework™. Includes Prodigy Reading and entire Prodigy Challenge as part of program bundle.

Pro Level: Prodigy Mastery™ System

For parents who want maximum results from our Prodigy Framework™ and are willing to commit for a few months. Includes advanced baby Reading and Math modules.

Complete Journey: Prodigy Launchpad™

For parents who want a complete done-for-you solution without having to make decisions at every step. Choose this 1-year long, comprehensive journey that includes all our benefits, physical materials & tons of handholding.

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Choose Program

Programs for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Choose for your 3-6 year old kid.

Reading & School Success: Prodigy Surge™

This program's focus is on 3 key things required to ace studies for life! Also includes our famous Reading program that takes a child from scratch, to an independent reader, in just few months!

Math Foundations: Prodigy Math Pirates™

Math isn't just about multiplication tables and arithmetic. Teach your child the foundations of Math, such that they can ace even advanced topics like algebra & calculus when they grow up!

Math Foundations Bundles: Prodigy Math Pirates™

Our Math program is divided into 3 Levels. Take advantage of a price discount when you register for multiple levels together!

Complete Journey: Prodigy Launchpad™

For parents who want a complete done-for-you solution without having to make decisions at every step. Choose this 1-year long, comprehensive journey that includes all our benefits, physical materials & tons of handholding.

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Why Nurture Your Baby's Mind From Birth?

(because most of our skills develop as toddlers & kids, not as adults)

This is why: the same kids always get good grades in school! Someone who is good in sports, stays ahead throughout life. Bad singers stay bad, no matter how old they get.
This is also why it's hard for adults to learn new languages, but babies learn them easily.

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75% of brain develops before age of 2 years‍

We get 20 years to develop our full height, but only a few years to develop full potential of our brain! This critical window of brain plasticity is a valuable time when brain is most adaptable for learning.
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Babies & Toddlers crave to learn new things

Evolution suggests that babies/kids crave for rapid learning as an instinct to survive & thrive. They not only have the capability, but also an innate desire to learn rapidly in their early years.
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Governments, Educators, & UN recognize new research

The UN, along with Governments worldwide, recognize new research on early learning and are actively prioritising it, including the Govt. of India in its New Education Policy (NEP 2020).

All babies, at birth, possess more potential talent than any person who has ever lived on the planet. But, unless nurtured, these abilities rapidly disappear due to "synaptic pruning".

Learn more about the science

Your baby's path to a Life of Happiness & Success

All our Programs are holistic, expert-curated, and come with everything you need to enable tangible, visible results in your child

The 5-Minute Method to unlock the exceptional brilliance in your child's formative years

Completely DFY Home Programs

Super convenient, easy and fun home programs with daily & weekly activities that takes only 5 minutes a day to do

Accelerated learning  Prodigy Framework™

Our framework uses your child's critical "window of opportunity" to fast pace their learning in all areas

Develop Exceptional Skills For Life

Covers everything from early crawling/walking, early talking, problem solving, math, reading, creativity, intuition, personality & character development.

No Testing, No Pressure

Each step in your child's journey is celebrated, & not conformed to benchmarks or tests

Happy Results from 150+ Countries

Our kids show tremendous awareness, intelligence, maturity and talent globally

Tons of Resources & Materials

Every program comes with a variety of proprietary physical materials that kids love!

Wanna learn more?

Crafted With Passion & Expertise of an Elite Team

Strong blend of in-house team, and a host of professional partners, educators, doctors & researchers who lend us dedicated subject area expertise
Building on research by




Rudolf Steiner
(Waldorf Method)






Rudolf Steiner
(Waldorf Method)



Raghav Himatsingka

Co-founder & CEO
Stanford University, Georgia Tech

Shraddha Himatsingka

University of Leeds, UK

Dr. Craig Bailey

Consultant & Advisor
Professor, Yale School of Medicine

Sonal Chawda

Prominent ECE Expert
27+ years of education experience in 5 countries

Expert Team

70+ Members
Consulting doctors, educationists & developers
Real Stories

Why Parents Trust Us?

Happy families from 150+ countries, Shark Tank Winner, Meg Ryan's featured Documentary, TIME Upcoming Education Companies Ranking #4 Globally. But most of all, because we stand with them in every step of the way.

Raw & Real Testimonials

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Real, Verified Success Stories From 500,000+ Parents Across 150+ Countries

Watch what real parents, just like you, from around the world are saying about our programs.

Rogersound Labs
Thank you. Hi Raghav and team I'm much happy to share this in the community.I started this 21 day challenge journey and was active. Unfortunately I had emergency surgery and missed rest of the sessions By the time I looked in to it again, it was gone.I requested through mail and they gave me opportunity to redo the sessions .Thank you. Though you could have said No..You guys understood parents situation and helped back We really enjoyed the sessions ans hopefully run for much for in future Thank you team
Biral Shah
Rogersound Labs
Hello RSS Team.So I have started with 0 week of prodigy mastery program and very happy to notice that even after 7 months of gap, my toddler is excited for the booster cards which he has already seen and activities. Looking forward to start with week 1 and so on. My little toddler is also happy that he is going to get many new boosters and new activities.
Romana Sermoneta
Hi! We just started the challenge yesterday, and at first, with the "Do Re Mi Fa" exercise, my 11-month-old baby was not focusing.So I tried again first thing this morning, and it was amazing! He was very focused on the sounds at first, and then he started dancing like he does when we listen to music. He listened attentively to half of the audio clip. He also enjoys the bonus music files provided on Day 0 and dances right away as soon as he hears the music.Since I have delayed the program's start by one day, should I start day two activities today in the afternoon (even though we did day one this morning), or should I do them tomorrow? Many thanks!
Rogersound Labs
Loved the intent behind the intro program of bringing the fundamentals & concepts of how babies learn and only after all parents are on the same page.thanks
Ivi Brown
Rogersound Labs
My son is doing great with these activities! He is only 2 mos old but I love how he is engaging with me.
Farzana Farzus
Rogersound Labs
Continuous engaging of baby for 1 min was amazing. And final squeek from her was super cutee
Rogersound Labs
We enrolled for 5 days program which primarily focused on basic understanding and also did a couple of activities which were very simple but interesting. We are trusting the platform and moved forward with the SURGE program.
TheAuld Thief
Rogersound Labs
The app and the course is well structured.They seem to have done research on the topic of baby development very well. Overall, a very good experience.
Neha Choudhry
Rogersound Labs
Singing Proficiency. Aadit and I had a great time doing this activity. He sat through all the 4 voices for both the songs!In my excitement I forgot to record a video of us
Ganishka Mom
Rogersound Labs
It was a great experience to understand how to understand the way my child's brain works and how to provide ample amount of opportunities for the same.
Rogersound Labs
Hey guys thank you so much for making our journey easy . As parents we don't have time to go through which activities to be done on daily basis but your program has made this very easy for us..
Rogersound Labs
Prodigy baby program is a great way to unlock my baby abilities with only 5 mins activities. Had a great experience with the program.

All your FAQs Answered

Do I really start at birth, or should I wait until my baby is 6 months or 1 year old?

Start as early as you can! The earlier you start, the better it is because of the synaptic pruning effects that are constantly impacting your child’s brain development right from birth. Even though it's never 'too late' to begin (“better late than never”), we always recommend to start as early as you can so your child has the maximum window of opportunity to fully utilize benefits of early learning and can get a giant headstart in their development.

Is this program suitable for my child's specific age, be it an infant, toddler, or a 6-year-old?

Each program segment is tailored for specific age groups, ensuring age-appropriate learning. Whether your child is an infant or approaching six, there's content designed for their developmental stage with many tips and variations in each activity as per your child’s milestones and abilities.

Will this program place unnecessary academic or performance pressures on my young child?

Our core philosophy is the belief that a child's development should be rooted in playful exploration, led by the child's own curiosities, and devoid of external pressures. We cherish the innate joy of discovery and prioritize intrinsic personal growth. While we desire for our children to develop skills and talents, we don't subject them to tests or comparisons with peers. Instead of aspiring for performance outcomes, we focus on presenting the child with abundant opportunities and ensuring each child harnesses them to the fullest.

How comprehensive is the skill-building? Does it truly cover areas like athleticism, creativity, and intuition?

Our programs are based on our proprietary Prodigy Framework™ which encompasses all possible skills known to humans, ranging from athleticism to intuition. Yes, every skill is covered in the framework and every child receives a well-rounded developmental experience through our programs.

Is 5 minutes truly enough each day for meaningful development?

Yes, it is, because of the power of compounding. In our extensive experience working with parents worldwide, 5 focused minutes a day consistently yields impressive developmental strides. We've seen firsthand how just 5 minutes can compound over time to create a massive impact.

How can I trust your company and its offerings?

Raising Superstars is not a fleeting endeavor run by a couple of teachers or psychologists banking on individual experiences. Instead, it’s an alliance of global educators, investors, and researchers that backs our reputation, commitment and long-term mission to bring early childhood learning to the mainstream to transform an entire generation of children worldwide.

How easy is it to integrate these activities into our daily routine?

Extremely easy. Activities are designed to take up only 5 minutes of your day which you can easily integrate into daily routines at any time of the day without any constraints.

Do I need any specific apps, devices, or tech knowledge to use the program effectively?

As long as you have access to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you will be able to do our programs seamlessly. Note once again that there is no screen time for the child – the screen instructions are only for the parent.

Is there a lock-in period? Can I opt-out if I feel it's not the right fit?

Depending on your needs, you can do any of our single payment programs (without recurring fees) or a pay-as-you-go subscription for the more casual parent. Check out our Programs page for all details.

What kind of support will I receive if I have questions or face challenges during the program?

We have various support channels for our parents via email, WhatsApp, in-app support, and a highly active parent community. For most of our programs, we also provide the exclusive support of Parent Coaches to assist parents in their journeys.

How often is the content updated? Will I get access to the latest findings and methods?

We have a full-time in-house team that is constantly researching, updating and creating new content to reflect the latest in early childhood education research as per the needs of our parent community.