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For Babies & Toddlers - From birth up to 6 years

The Prodigy Framework™

a proprietary system of growth by Rasing Superstars.

Understanding a child's mind can be challenging for adults, because we adults are left-brained - we process information logically, analytically, and based on past experiences; whereas our babies & toddlers are right-brained - bursting with abstract thoughts, imagination, and possibilities.

The Prodigy Framework™ understands the needs of whole-brain and right brain education for our little ones. It was created after long and careful study, and encapsulates nearly every kind of human skills and abilities to unlock amazing milestones like early speech, early crawling and walking, phenomenal memory, problem-solving, reading, math, imaginative thinking, and even nurturing attributes like determination, resilience, and empathy.

The 5 Pillars of the Prodigy Framework™

1. Physical Potential

Early crawling (belly crawl at 3 months), Early walking, fine motor skills, strength, stamina, balance, stability, skills, and more...
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2. Potential for Intelligence

Early speech development, Reading & Math (including programs even for babies), Problem Solving, Foundations of Logical Thinking, Phenomenal Memory Powers, Knowledge Framework, and more...
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3. Potential for Creativity

Out-of-box Creative Thinking Framework, Arts & Design, Music Education, Drama & Storytelling, and more...
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4. Personality & Character Development

The essential character traits to be Happy, Successful, Compassionate, & Socially Affable for a complete all-round personality...
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5. The P-Sense

Intuition, Sixth Sense Awakening, Manifestation, Gratitude, Spirituality, Well Being, and more...
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# Intelligence | The Prodigy Framework™

2. The Prodigy™ System for Potential of Intelligence

Our system is grounded in the understanding that every intelligent system consists of 5 core components: Input, Processing, Storage, Output, & Residual By-Products.

Input: Language & Communications, incl. Reading & Math

Language is the conduit to the world to consume and disperse information. Our meticulously crafted modules empower infants and toddlers to master spoken language proficiency from an early age. Additionally, we teach our kids to be absolutely prolific in Reading & Math - the foundations of all future academic & professional success.

Process: Logic & Critical Thinking

For us, Logic & Critical Thinking is not just solving some blocks & puzzles. We teach Logic from First Principles, including the 10 Foundation Stones of all Logical Truths. Through exploration of diverse thinking systems, we empower our kids with robust analytical skill and help them evolve into confident and independent thinkers.

Storage: Memory Systems, incl. Proprietary Memory Training

Memory shapes nearly all our life experiences. We don't just practice memory games; instead we use our tri-phase strategy of Build, Strengthen & Train to enhance the very foundations of memory formation - right from the building of synapses, to the strengthening of neural connections, and finally, teaching the same memory frameworks used by champions to remember 10,000 digits of Pi.

By Product: Knowledge Frameworks, incl. History, Science & GK

Every experience is an opportunity for your child to add a deposit into their ever growing bank of knowledge. Our LNF Knowledge methodology endeavours to equip children with comprehensive knowledge, nurturing insatiable curiosity and fostering a lifelong pursuit of learning.

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# Creativity | The Prodigy Framework™

3. The Prodigy™ System for Potential of Creativity

Creativity embodies the vibrant pulse of the ProdigyFramework™, encompassing essential right-brained skills that sets every child apart. Through strategic processes, we ignite and nurture creativity right from infancy so that we can help mould them into well-rounded, innovative thought leaders.

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# The Prodigy Sense | The Prodigy Framework™

5. The P-Sense™ of Intuition

The P-Sense, or Prodigy Sense, transcends conventional learning boundaries, delving into a realm that's seldom addressed, yet immensely potent. As kids go through the journey of our Prodigy Framework™, they cultivate a heightened intuition, 'gut instincts', and a cerebral sixth sense, helping them develop a harmonious synchronization with the universe that empowers them to navigate the world with unparalleled insight.

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The Masterminds of Prodigy Framework™

The Prodigy Framework™ wasn't just birthed overnight—it's the fruit of relentless dedication, synergy, and expertise of a diverse group of professionals. Can you imagine a collaboration that melds the insights of early childhood educators, cutting-edge researchers, ingenious engineers, and fresh-eyed parents? Well, that’s precisely the powerhouse of minds that came together to mold this revolutionary framework.

Diverse TeamOver 17 distinguished individuals, each with their unique strengths and insights, poured their wisdom directly into shaping this framework. And this number doesn't even touch upon the vast cadre of engineers and content creators who breathed life into this innovative vision, making it accessible and user-friendly for parents everywhere.

Unparalleled Authenticity We aren't here to replace the traditional schooling system or mimic its structures. Instead, our mission thrives on freedom-the freedom to curate, innovate, and elevate beyond established norms.This deliberate choice empowers us to handpick and amalgamate the best teaching methodologies globally, unbounded by rigid standards.

World Renowned Pedagogies Our framework is a rich tapestry of teachings and philosophies. From the revered tenets of Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia to the specialized ideologies governing athletics, arts, memory training, and more every thread is woven with intention and care

Our Commitment For The World More than just a tool, the Prodigy Framework™ is our heart's commitment. We strive to provide parents with an engaging, effortless, and enjoyable method to harness the boundless potential of their children. But beyond the fun, our sights are set on the horizon—a future where our children, equipped with the Prodigy Framework™, redefine success, innovation, and creativity.

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