November 9, 2023

Help your baby become the best version of themselves with these 6 TIPs from Raghav!

Help your baby become the best version of themselves with these 6 TIPs from Raghav!

The Prodigy Baby Framework gives new parents the opportunity to unlock their baby’s true genius through early learning and development. In the latest episode of the Prodigy Show, Raghav pulls out a few tips and tricks from under his sleeve that will help your babies to become the best version of them.

Give your babies opportunities in different activities.

Give your baby the opportunities that will help them explore different parts of their brain. Let them explore creativity, math, music, and everything else. This will help them discover their potential and talents very early on in life and, thus, help them choose the path for their future.

Give your baby a lot of confidence.

The major reason why babies don’t reach their milestones on time; be it crawling, walking, or talking, is because they do not have the confidence that they will be able to do so. Encourage your baby in the smallest of the activities to boost their confidence. This will make them more likely to achieve milestones early in life.

No judgement.

Do not judge your baby. It might sound non-intuitive but babies catch to our gestures more than adults do. Showing any kind of disappointment or judgement makes babies very conscious and reluctant in trying anything new in the future. We don’t want our babies to lose their curiosity.

Respect your baby’s choices.

Give your baby the freedom to choose. Let them choose their clothes, let them choose their toys, and even let them choose the activities that they want to do. This will allow them to make independent decisions and discover their interests. However, this doesn’t mean that you will intentionally let them wander on a path that might be wrong for them. As parents, also help them steer away from making bad decisions.

Trust your baby’s skills.

Sometimes we assume that are baby is too small to do certain things and, thus, underestimate their skills. Trust your baby with little things that you might think they cannot do, like walking early or singing or drawing. Trust them and they might surprise you.

Expect to be surprised.

Most of the times we expect that our babies might not be able to do certain things only because they are small. Expect your baby to surprise you with what they can do. Babies understand this and they are eager to show you the little miracles that they can do.

These are some simple tips from the Prodigy Baby System that will help you to maximize your baby’s development. Implement them and see your baby become the best versions of them.

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