November 9, 2023

How Everybody can Do Best for Their Babies?

How Everybody can Do Best for Their Babies?


Math has a language of its own, just like English, Hindi, Mandarin, Spanish, or any other. The earlier you start learning these languages the better you get at it. Not just kids, but Math usually scares a lot of adults as well. However, there is no need to dread it. Start teaching your baby the basics of mathematics from an early age so that they become comfortable with it. It will, thus, start coming naturally to them.

Be a Role Model

It’s pretty straightforward. You must have observed babies enacting the grown-ups. The most common sight is when they pretend to be talking over the phone. Yes, babies imitate adults and, therefore, it is important to be very careful around them. You don’t want them picking up wrong habits that might become their traits in the long term. Imbibe all of the values that you want your baby to aspire towards and bring them in your own life so that you are a role model to your baby in the true sense.

Empower You Baby!

Allow your baby to make their own decisions in little things. Let them choose the colour of the clothes that they want to wear, let them pick their own toys to play with, and in other little things like these. We don’t have to judge them. There is no right or wrong. You are just providing them with the independence to do things on their own and, thus, allowing them to develop decisive and leadership qualities.

Stop Testing Your Baby!

Sometimes you do it intentionally, sometimes unknowingly. Either ways it creates pressure on your baby’s tiny brain. Sometimes you ask your baby a question to which you already know the answer. You do this because you like to hear it from them. It might be fun, it might be satisfying, but for the baby, it’s like being put under a spotlight. And they don’t like it. The will soon learn to ignore, which is not a good thing. If they want to demonstrate to us what they’ve learnt, they will come forward and let us know themselves. So, stop testing your baby.

Let Them Find Their Own Feet

If your baby has just started to walk or maybe is about to start walking and is pulling up to stand, let them do it on their own strength and balance. Do not give them your finger to hold or do not hold their hand and make them walk. Let them find their own balance. Let them take support of the furniture if they want to. Even if they take longer, be assured that they will become independent walker and start walking confidently.

Treat Your Baby With Respect

Your baby has their own feelings, thoughts, emotions and beliefs. It is important to empathise with their feelings. Try to understand why they might be feeling cranky or frustrated, why they might be yelling, or why they are feeling sad. Treat them with respect and treat them like an entity, like an individual with their own feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Also, avoid talking to anybody else about your baby right in front of them. They have their own understanding and it can actually reduce their confidence when you start talking about them with somebody else while they’re in the same room. Give your baby the same respect that you would give to any other adult.

These tips and tricks might sound interesting or even absurd, but give them a try and find out the miraculous results. To discover more such tips and miracles, visit us at

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