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The Secret Playtime Method To awaken the Unconscious Potential of your 0-6 year old

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5 Mins a Day, for a Life of Happiness & Success

Are You a Modern Parent Struggling to Keep Up?

Today's world offers a deluge of developmental tools and promises. Amidst the din of advertisements, and the daunting task of discerning genuine value, parents often find themselves grappling with challenges.

choices are overwhelming You!

Endless toys, apps, classes: each branded as best. Who can you trust and where do you spend your $$?

Unable to keep pace

An ever-evolving landscape of child development trends, how do you keep up?

So many roles to juggle

Being a guardian, emotional anchor, educator, a coach - all at once for your child, while still doubting if it's enough.

you need custom solutions

No two kids are the same: how do you help your child be the best version of themselves?

Presenting The Raising Superstars Blueprint for Your 0-6 Year Old

The 5-Minute Method to unlock the exceptional secrets of happiness & brilliance in your child's formative years

In a world teeming with generic child development solutions, Raising Superstars stands alone: not merely because of what we offer, but also how we deliver it.

While others skim, we immerse: delivering tangible, observable skills that empower children from right birth. Our commitment isn't just to educate; it's to sculpt an entire generation for lifelong excellence.
In the time it takes to brew your morning coffee, your child is already amassing a wealth of capabilities. It's so easy that every parent, despite their stressful lives can do it!
We champion 100% screen-free activities for kids, that guard against the evils of screen addiction
Your child isn't a statistic; they're an unfolding story. We celebrate their journey, with their own evolving potential, without conforming to any artificial benchmarks or tests!
Far from a generic curriculum, our proprietary framework develops skills from athletic prowess, multi-faceted intelligence, uninhibited creativity, character depth, and even the often-overlooked art of intuition
An app that serves as a bridge, packed with activity guides and backed by our expert coaches and a supportive parent community

Why Nurture Your Child’s Mind So Early?
(because science backs it, and your baby craves it too!)

Remember that friend who always got best grades without much effort?

Or the guy who aced all sports as a child, and still does?

What about the girl who has always been a good singer?

None of them developed their talents as an adult. Knowingly or unknowingly, they all developed their talents while they were still a child!

Nearly, all our fundamental abilities are developed as a child, and then stay with us for life. They are hardly ever developed when we are already older.

All babies are born with infinite ability cells. These are like seeds which grow only if nurtured. As babies start growing older, their brains rapidly start cutting off unused abilities by a process called "Synaptic Pruning" - kind of like losing these abilities forever.

This is why adults find it impossible to learn a new language, whereas it's so easy for a baby - because adults have lost their ability synapses for languages.

No Pressure
No screen time
A child has twenty years to develop their full height, but only a few years to develop the full potential of their brain! 80% of the brain develops before the age of 3 years, and 90% before the age of 6 years!
"Critical Window" IS IMPORTANT
Neuro-scientific studies highlight a 'critical window' of unparalleled brain plasticity in the early years. This is when the brain is most adaptable, making it pivotal for effective learning, skill acquisition, and memory consolidation
As humans evolved in ancient times, it was vital for babies/kids to develop rapid skills to ensure they could learn, adapt & survive. Babies thus evolved to have not only the capability but an innate desire, to learn and grow rapidly at that age.
Evolution also requires children's brains to absorb  social norms, values, and behaviors of their culture, ensuring successful community integration right from birth. Early childhood is thus prime time for language acquisition, facilitating effective communication, social cohesion and rapid brain development in the process.
The young brain is sensitive to rewards, promoting behaviours beneficial for survival and well-being. Evolutionary energy allocation focuses on cognitive development during these formative years, ensuring maximum learning before energy is redirected to other tasks in later life
Early childhood offers a general learning window before the brain starts to specialize in specific tasks, allowing children to gain a wide range of skills and knowledge in their initial years.

In the grand tapestry of human evolution, nature has designed the early years of a child's life to be a special time for rapid learning and growth. It's when their brains are most ready and eager to soak up new information with the primal imperatives of survival, communication, and societal integration. By harnessing this period, we not only align with nature's design but also lay a robust foundation for a child's lifelong journey of discovery, growth, and fulfilment."

Crafted with Expertise: Programs Vetted by Educators, Researchers, and Pediatricians

ECE Expert

27+ years experience across 5 countries. Pioneer in setting up early childhood education schools pan-India. Key contributor to creating, planning, designing the Prodigy Programs.

Dr. Craig
Yale University

Director of Early Childhood & Assistant Professor at  Child Study Center at Yale School of Medicine. Critical contributor to vetting and consulting of Prodigy Programs in its early stages.

Stanford Univ.

Co-founder of Raising Superstars & devoted father who conceptualized the need for the Prodigy Programs based on his own childhood experiences.

Leeds Univ.

Co-founder of Raising Superstars & committed mother who created the Prodigy Programs initially as a way to help her own child first.

70+ Members

Exceptional team of pedigree from the finest educators, engineers, researchers and scientists from some of India's top institutes.

Building on research by




Rudolf Steiner
(Waldorf Method)






Rudolf Steiner
(Waldorf Method)



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Programs for BabiesToddlers

Choose for your 0-2 year old baby or toddler.

Intermediate: Prodigy Challenge™

Best for parents who want to give our Prodigy Framework™ a try with a few quick results, without a long term commitment to the process.

Advanced: Prodigy Baby System™ Bundle

Best for parents who are ready to commit a few months and want maximum benefits. Includes Prodigy Reading and entire Prodigy Challenge as part of program bundle.

Pro Level: Prodigy Mastery™ System

For parents who want to teach everything they possible can to their baby or toddler. Includes advanced baby Reading and Math modules.

Complete Journey: Prodigy Launchpad™

For parents who want a complete done-for-you solution without having to make decisions at every step. Choose this 1-year long, comprehensive journey that includes all our benefits.

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Programs for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Choose for your 3-6 year old kid.

Reading & School Success: Prodigy Surge™

This program's focus is on 3 key things required to ace studies for life! Also includes our famous Reading program that takes a child from scratch to an independent reader in just few months!

Math Foundations: Prodigy Math Pirates™

Math isn't just about multiplication tables and arithmetic. Teach your child the foundations of Math, such that they can ace even advanced topics like algebra & calculus when they grow up!

Math Foundations Bundles: Prodigy Math Pirates™

Our Math program is divided into 3 Levels. Take advantage of a price discount when you register for multiple levels together!

Complete Journey: Prodigy Launchpad™

For parents who want a complete done-for-you solution without having to make decisions at every step. Choose this 1-year long, comprehensive journey that includes all our benefits.

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Rogersound Labs
Thank you. Hi Raghav and team I'm much happy to share this in the community.I started this 21 day challenge journey and was active. Unfortunately I had emergency surgery and missed rest of the sessions By the time I looked in to it again, it was gone.I requested through mail and they gave me opportunity to redo the sessions .Thank you. Though you could have said No..You guys understood parents situation and helped back We really enjoyed the sessions ans hopefully run for much for in future Thank you team
Biral Shah
Rogersound Labs
Hello RSS Team.So I have started with 0 week of prodigy mastery program and very happy to notice that even after 7 months of gap, my toddler is excited for the booster cards which he has already seen and activities. Looking forward to start with week 1 and so on. My little toddler is also happy that he is going to get many new boosters and new activities.
Romana Sermoneta
Hi! We just started the challenge yesterday, and at first, with the "Do Re Mi Fa" exercise, my 11-month-old baby was not focusing.So I tried again first thing this morning, and it was amazing! He was very focused on the sounds at first, and then he started dancing like he does when we listen to music. He listened attentively to half of the audio clip. He also enjoys the bonus music files provided on Day 0 and dances right away as soon as he hears the music.Since I have delayed the program's start by one day, should I start day two activities today in the afternoon (even though we did day one this morning), or should I do them tomorrow? Many thanks!
Rogersound Labs
Loved the intent behind the intro program of bringing the fundamentals & concepts of how babies learn and only after all parents are on the same page.thanks
Ivi Brown
Rogersound Labs
My son is doing great with these activities! He is only 2 mos old but I love how he is engaging with me.
Farzana Farzus
Rogersound Labs
Continuous engaging of baby for 1 min was amazing. And final squeek from her was super cutee
Rogersound Labs
We enrolled for 5 days program which primarily focused on basic understanding and also did a couple of activities which were very simple but interesting. We are trusting the platform and moved forward with the SURGE program.
TheAuld Thief
Rogersound Labs
The app and the course is well structured.They seem to have done research on the topic of baby development very well. Overall, a very good experience.
Neha Choudhry
Rogersound Labs
Singing Proficiency. Aadit and I had a great time doing this activity. He sat through all the 4 voices for both the songs!In my excitement I forgot to record a video of us
Ganishka Mom
Rogersound Labs
It was a great experience to understand how to understand the way my child's brain works and how to provide ample amount of opportunities for the same.
Rogersound Labs
Hey guys thank you so much for making our journey easy . As parents we don't have time to go through which activities to be done on daily basis but your program has made this very easy for us..
Rogersound Labs
Prodigy baby program is a great way to unlock my baby abilities with only 5 mins activities. Had a great experience with the program.

What parents are saying

Have questions? Let us help you!

Time Commitment: "Is 5 minutes truly enough each day for meaningful development?"

Yes, it is, because of the power of compounding. In our extensive experience working with parents worldwide, 5 focused minutes a day consistently yields impressive developmental strides. We've seen firsthand how just 5 minutes can compound over time to create a massive impact.

Age Appropriateness: "Is this program suitable for my child's specific age, be it an infant, toddler, or a 6-year-old?"

Each program segment is tailored for specific age groups, ensuring age-appropriate learning. Whether your child is an infant or approaching six, there's content designed for their developmental stage with many tips and variations in each activity as per your child’s milestones and abilities.

Starting Age: "Do I really start at birth, or should I wait until my baby is 6 months or 1 year old?"

Starting at birth offers optimal benefits as the brain experiences its most significant growth in the earliest stages. The earlier you start, the better it is because of the synaptic pruning effects that are constantly impacting your child’s brain development right from birth. Even though it's never 'too late' to begin (“better late than never”), we always recommend to start as early as you can so your child has the maximum window of opportunity to fully utilize benefits of early learning.

Research and Credibility: "How can I trust that the 'science-backed' claims are authentic and credible?"

Raising Superstars is not a fleeting endeavor run by a couple of teachers or psychologists banking on individual experiences. Instead, it’s an alliance of global educators, investors, and researchers that backs our reputation, commitment and long-term mission to bring early childhood learning to the mainstream to transform an entire generation of children worldwide.

Pressure on the Child/Parent: "Will this program place unnecessary academic or performance pressures on my young child?"

Our core philosophy is the belief that a child's development should be rooted in playful exploration, led by the child's own curiosities, and devoid of external pressures. We cherish the innate joy of discovery and prioritize intrinsic personal growth. While we desire for our children to develop skills and talents, we don't subject them to tests or comparisons with peers. Instead of aspiring for performance outcomes, we focus on presenting the child with abundant opportunities and ensuring each child harnesses them to the fullest.

Skills Covered: "How comprehensive is the skill-building? Does it truly cover areas like athleticism, creativity, and intuition?"

Our programs are based on our proprietary Prodigy Framework™ which encompasses all possible skills known to humans, ranging from athleticism to intuition. Yes, every skill is covered in the framework and every child receives a well-rounded developmental experience through our programs.

How Easy: "How easy is it to integrate these activities into our daily routine?"

Extremely easy. Activities are designed to take up only 5 minutes of your day which you can easily integrate into daily routines at any time of the day without any constraints.

Tech Requirements: "Do I need any specific apps, devices, or tech knowledge to use the program effectively?"

As long as you have access to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you will be able to do our programs seamlessly. Note once again that there is no screen time for the child – the screen instructions are only for the parent.

Cost: "How much does the program cost?"

Check out our Programs page for details.

Commitment Period: "Is there a lock-in period? Can I opt-out if I feel it's not the right fit?"

Depending on your needs, you can either opt for our one-time payment programs or a pay-as-you-go subscription for the more casual parent. Check out our Programs page for all details.

Ongoing Support: "What kind of support will I receive if I have questions or face challenges during the program?"

We have various support channels for our parents via email, WhatsApp, in-app support, and a highly active parent community. For most of our programs, we also provide the exclusive support of Parent Coaches to assist parents in their journeys.

Updates: "How often is the content updated? Will I get access to the latest findings and methods?"

We have a full-time in-house team that is constantly researching, updating and creating new content to reflect the latest in early childhood education research as per the needs of our parent community.

Discover More: Engaging Articles & Celebrated Media Features

Humble Beginnings to Global Impact: The Raising Superstars' Story

Raising Superstars was born from the internal struggles and experiences of our founder, Raghav Himatsingka, and his wife Shraddha.

Born in India's poorest state: Dhanbad, Bihar (now Jharkhand), Raghav was sent to boarding school at age of 7. Throughout life he struggled with of confidence and insecurities.

However, what he lacked in opportunities, he made it up in resilience and it took him to the finest institutions in the world (Daly College, La Martiniere, DPS RK Puram, Georgia Tech, Stanford Univ.).

In this journey, a nagging question always bothered him: Why did some individuals consistently excel, despite putting in significantly less effort and with no apparent genetic advantages or privileges?

That's when he received a powerful insight from Bill Gates, that seemed to suggest that the answer lies squarely on your early childhood experiences. Gates said: "The first 5 years of your life have everything to do with how the next 80 turn out to be."

When Raghav became a father, he was determined to prevent his child from facing the struggles he had endured. He wanted to help his child to fully harness his potential and become the best version of himself.

He was skeptical, but armed with easy play-time techniques, he tried a few things and the results were astonishing. His son began crawling at three months, articulating words at seven months, and took his first steps by eight months. He also displayed an affinity for singing, and his memory and vocabulary were also notably advanced for his age.

This transformation caught the attention of friends and family, all eager to uncover Raghav's methods. Encouraged by the positive outcomes, Raghav dove deep, investing over 2000+ hours in research sifting through books, videos, and educational materials, driven by a desire to understand early childhood learning's intricacies.

From this fervor and commitment, Raising Superstars emerged. Raghav had a clear mission: to help children everywhere awaken their hidden potential and to empower parents in this journey towards success and happiness of their child, without stress, and in just 5 minutes of daily effort.

Today, Raising Superstars employs a team of over 60 experts, educators, pediatricians, and collaborators worldwide, to research, evolve and spreading its innovative techniques and message around every part of the globe.

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