November 9, 2023

Essential Items For Newborn Baby That You Must Have

Essential Items For Newborn Baby That You Must Have

Ready to bring home the newest member of your family? Great! But first equip your nursery with newborn essentials that you cannot do without. Remember that once your baby is home, you may not have the luxury to go shopping. If you are unsure which baby items you need, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the ultimate newborn essentials list telling you what you need to keep the new being comfortable, happy and safe.

The Comprehensive Newborn Baby Items List You Need

Let’s start with the ‘emergency’ that can occur at any time, any place and that needs to be addressed immediately. 

Diaper Change Time!

Changing diapers is a skill you’ll quickly master especially if you have these newborn essentials at hand:

  • 4 boxes (large) of newborn size disposable diapers. Buy in bulk to keep costs low
  • 7 to 10 cloth diapers 
  • 3 large boxes of soft wipes to wipe down the baby before putting on the fresh diaper. (Unscented ones are safe for baby’s ultra-sensitive skin) 
  • 2- 3 large tubes of diaper cream to ensure the baby’s skin is rash free, moisturized and healthy. 
  • Changing mats offer a clean surface for diaper change at home and outside 
  • A diaper bag that functions as a carry-it-all 

Feed Time!

Hungry baby is an upset baby and feed time cannot wait for anyone or anything. You need these baby essentials for smooth feed times:

  • Breastfeeding moms need nursing clothes. Your doctor can recommend a nipple cream for sore, cracked nipples
  • Breast pumps for storing your milk for when you are away working 
  • For bottle feeding- 6- 8 durable, BPA free bottles you can clean, rinse, dry thoroughly before mealtimes
  • 6- 8 anti-colic nipples 
  • Bottle brush 
  • Electric sterilizer can be handy if you want to skip the conventional boiling water soak method
  • Formula recommended by the paediatrician. Get a tin/packet and check if it suits baby before you buy in bulk 
  • Thermos for ready access to hot water to quickly mix formula 
  • 20 bibs to protect baby’s clothes from spills
  • Soft cotton towels to mop up spills and to cover your clothes while feeding  

Bath and Groom Time!

Baby’s skin, hair, nails need special care and so, you need the perfect baby essentials for grooming.

  • A bathtub that has enough room for you to manoeuvre your hands around the little one and is stable so that it doesn’t topple over 
  • Shampoo and body wash especially made for babies is what your newborn needsTry out a small sample first to see if it suits your baby
  • Almond, olive or coconut oil massage to keep baby’s skin moisturized and supple. Get the non- scented, organic versions 
  • 2- 3 soft cotton towels to wrap around and wipe down baby after a bath 
  • Baby nail clippers 
  • Soft bristles brush to gently get rid of cradle cap or crib cap

Health Time!

Baby’s do get sick too and those distressing times can be easier if you have the following to address the newborn needs. 

  • A baby thermometer is the first and most important addition to the new born baby items list
  • Petroleum jelly, safe for chapped baby skin 
  • First aid kit stocked with fresh items

Style Time!

Your baby’s clothes are the cutest newborn essentials you’ll buy. But don’t just go by the looks, prioritize ease of use, comfort and safety: 

  • Choose soft, breathable cotton that is light enough to show up stains. Avoid clothing with sharp buttons or decorations or zippers
  • Open front or kimono style tops are easy to get on and off the baby. A good tip is to avoid back button clothing
  • Soft cotton socks are among the newborn essentials you need in summer, especially when your little one is in comfy short tops
  • A soft cap that covers the ears, especially if the climate is cool, and/or you are taking the infant out after sundown 
  • Wraparound blanket to swaddle when you carry your baby in your arms or use the stroller 

Sleep Time

Sound sleep at night helps your baby grow at the right pace. Here’s how to ensure happy bedtimes:

  • Sleepsuits that can be buttoned up from the front so that you can quickly change a sleepy infant at night. Onesies are a comfy, warm solution 
  • Crib or bassinet and firm mattress, not a fluffy one, with a firm, securely stitched pillow
  • Mattress protectors extend the life of your mattress and keep it clean and hygienic 
  • Light, lint-free, breathable and easy-to wash blankets 
  • Mosquito net covering the crib but fixed on a proper framework so that it doesn’t fall too close to baby’s face 

Apart from these baby’s itemsthere will be plenty more that you will get depending on your lifestyle, your parenting choices and even your home design. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that everything you buy is made with safe materials, can be cleaned easily, and is not likely to hurt your baby in any way. Now you know what baby essentials to have at hand before you bring your little one home. Happy Parenting! 

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